Leonardo is a Mutant red-eared slider and the rebel of the Ninja Turtles. He wields an Ōdachi.

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  • Unlike previous incarnations, this version of Leonardo is the rebel and self-proclaimed coolest turtle, instead of Raphael, rather than his normal role as the leader of the team.
  • Ben Schwartz stated in an interview, that if Leo had an Instagram account, that 60 to 70% of his photos would be his brothers caught sleeping or slipping on things.
  • According to the Rise of the TMNT concept art reveal live stream, Leo and Raph will have a brother rivalry, similar to past incarnations. Leo will also have a closer relationship Michelangelo as well.
  • According to the Rise of the TMNT Concept art reveal live stream, the turtles will be 15 years old in season 1.

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