Donatello is a mutant soft-shell Turtle and the team's resident tech-head. He wields a high-tech bō. He's the second oldest turtle.

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  • According to the Rise of the TMNT concept art reveal live stream, Donnie's field of study revolves around engineering, robotics, and technology.
  • According to the Rise of the TMNT Concept art reveal live stream, the turtles will be 15 years old in season 1.
  • In this series, Donnie is a soft-shell turtle, which means that he may have more sensitive shell than in his brothers, as well as previous incarnations of the character.
  • To compensate for his soft shell, he built an entire fleet of battleshells.
  • He's a little bit more confident than previous incarnations and he knows he's good at what he does.
  • He's the most mature member of the team.
  • Donnie is a huge science fiction fan.
  • Donnie will have "a bit of a sidekick" on the show.